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My name is Sharon K. Jackson. When I was twenty-two years old, a classmate named Don drugged my beverage with GHB – the Date Rape drug. He and his buddies kidnapped me from my apartment and gang-raped me, leaving me helpless to resist and remember.


" 'Who's Watching Your Drink'™ is an amazing story of triumph over tragedy…
Brilliantly written!"

- Suni Deskin, NBC


My greatest hope is that my personal story will act as a "wake up" call to help you protect yourself and your family. Drug Occurrences of Knock-out drug assaults and ‘Drug Rape' are escalating and it can happen to anyone, anywhere and at any time. It happens to moms out with their friends for an afternoon lunch, college kids having a soft drink and to experienced business travelers at trade shows and in the hotel restaurant.

Read "Who's Watching Your Drink"™, and understand how this violent hidden crime is attacking unsuspecting people everywhere and learn how to protect yourself in multiple environments. Learn the seven ways on how to stay safe.

To those of you who are victims, I offer you encouragement, hope and assistance through the healing process. My story is one of survival and how I endured the physical, emotional and spiritual challenges to regain my life.


"Drug facilitated rape is a life altering, violent crime. Read Sharon's book and use its wisdom."

- Mark Victor Hansen, Co-Author / Creator, Chicken Soup for the Soul Series



Your Secretly Spiked Beverage Can Cause
Flashbacks Years Later

As a married mother of four, I attended our twentieth-year high school class reunion. It was there that Don apologized for hurting me in the past. "What are you talking about?" I questioned. "You never hurt me. When did you hurt me?" Don said, "You still don't remember?" I had no memory of the incident. Soon after this conversation, flashes started and I began the painful process of remembering the rapes. It cost me my marriage, business and threatened my will to live.

I Wrote My Story To Help You Save Your Family

It was fifteen years after the flashback period, when a friend also became a victim. That is when I became compelled to publish the pile of my tearful notes into a book. "Who's Watching Your Drink?"™ became my life's work – literally.

  "Hi Sharon, I'm reading your book! Wow! Thanks for sending my copy out so quickly. I picked it from my mail box around 8pm last night. As I walked to my back patio, still reading, I found myself having a hard time putting it down. It's been a while since I actually took the time to read a book. My reading is all job related. You certainly have captured my attention. Is there a movie deal some where ....somehow?

- JoAnne Brissette, Hartford, Connecticut

"As per your suggestion, I read your book non-stop, the most riveting four hours I have ever spent. I admire your courage in sharing your life, and your talent as a writer for making it so riveting. To fathom what you have been through, and then to say anything meaningful - I am bereft of words."

- Iben Evan, Ontario, Canada


"Who's Watching Your Drink"™ will take you on a Journey of Understanding What Can Happen and How You Can Protect Those You Love

After reading my story you will not only be shocked, but you will gain valuable, real-life information on how to protect yourself and your loved ones from this violent crime. You will learn how to recognize the symptoms of being drugged.

Our Publication Contains a Free Watch Your Drink GHB Detection Coaster to Protect You and Your Family

You will find these beverage protection coasters simple to use. They are coated with a reactant that changes color if the ‘knock-Out Drug' is present. If you are a traveling business person or a parent you can now have peace of mind that you, your daughters and sons have tools to help protect yourselves from this hidden crime.

  " 'Who's Watching Your Drink?'™ Is a must read for any parent of a daughter. Now is the time to learn how to prevent Drug Rape from happening to the loved ones in your life."

- Angela Wilder, MA, Clinical Psychologist, author, mother of two daughters and former wife of NBA star James Worthy, California


GHB is an illegal chemical drug that can be Manufactured
in a kitchen sink – even by a teenager

Imagine your daughter getting drugged by a friend who found the recipe to make GHB off the Internet. GHB formula web sites exists. We have statistics that show there are thousands of web sites competing to give you the formula and even send you the ingredients to make this deadly concoction. These same statistics show that internet searches for these web sites are on an increase.

This Date Rape and Mugging Drug Can Be Deadly

The most dangerous issue is that victims often never know they were drugged and raped – or have any recall of the several hours, days and even years following the attack. GHB leaves the body in as little as ten hours, making it hard to prove you have been spiked.

Drink Spiking is happening to Men
and Women Everywhere!

Imagine you are on a business trip and stop at the hotel bar for a drink. The next thing you know you wake up not knowing what happened and later you find that your money and credit cards are gone. We have many different stories and the victims are not always women. We even have stories of photos being taken during the assault and used for blackmail.

Our Beverage Protection Approach Has Been
Featured on TV and Radio!

We would like to especially thank everyone who is helping get the
word out about Drink Spiking and DRUG RAPE.

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"Sharon, after reading your book I just wanted to give you a hug. When I started reading, I knew your story was about becoming a victim of drug rape. Even knowing this, I was shocked at what I read. This story opened my eyes to many things I did not realize. As a father of a daughter and a son I pray to God that this book gets into the hands of every parent in the world!"

- Mike Pulvermacher Oshkosh, Wisconsin


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Sharon Jackson, author of Who's Watching Your Drink

Sharon K. Jackson
Author of "Who's Watching Your Drink?" TM

Sharon Jackson, author of Who's Watching Your Drink

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